Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hugs, not Drugs... or Cops in Denmark are WAY different

I was going to post a 10-minute walking exercise video that I sometimes play at my desk (& walk along to) during breaks throughout the day, but then I found this. 

There is something just sort of freaking beautiful about it. Instead of a stern warning, these bicyclists without helmets get hugs... and helmets.

It reminds me of a lady I used to teach with, Patty O'Neill (Patty O). Patty O had been teaching for about 30 years, and she was just amazing -- patient, funny, inspiring. But what I loved the most was how she handled misbehaving kids, particularly ones running in the halls. She would stop them, put her arm around them, and say something like, "You know Mrs. O'Neill loves you. She loves you SO much. That's why she wants you to stop [running, yelling, hurling items at other students.]"

Here's hoping my embedding works:


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