Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creeping me out, man

Okay, this isn't related to any of our 23 Things except in a roundabout, technology-ish way, but I just stumbled across this and had to share.

Microsoft is working on a "robot receptionist" -- a computer screen that can do simple administrative tasks like schedule bus shuttles for individuals. It looks like she "reads" the people, takes in what they say, and then responds. It's creepy to watch and listen, but what gets my bugaboo up is that they have named her... Laura.

Why my name? Yuck.

Anyway, take a look:

Monday, March 30, 2009

#12 A pun with some variation of "roll"

Roll over, Beethoven...

Okay, I really like this rollyo site. If I can remember to use it, I think this could be extremely helpful in reference work. (That's always a big "if".)

Here's my rollyo, "Tulsa News & Weather":

It has all of the big news outlets in Tulsa, print and TV. Though I will probably edit it to include local radio stations (I just realized I should do that!).

#11 Things, Things, Things

I don't want to create a LibraryThing account. I'm pretty sure I already have at least two (if not three), PLUS Shelfari, PLUS one through NoveList... which I used for maybe three days on average before forgetting that I had an account(s).

Guess what works for me as far as keeping track of the books I've read? A pad of paper in my desk at work. I always know where it is. And it doesn't involve email, passwords, or remembering to check it and sign in. And my success rate is much higher than the electronic versions.

I know. I know. I really am a hopeless Luddite in some respects.

The funny thing is that I LOVE the idea of these online book things. The reason I have so many accounts is because I think it's fantastic and get very excited about it...and then I forget and don't use it and go back to my trusty pen and paper method.

#10. Guess where I got the text.

Give up? The text ("Fabulous! Fun! Flirty!") was on a sticker for a pack of underwear I bought last week.
I find it hilarious to see on a church sign.
I am probably going straight to the hot place.

#9 Feed me

I found the "Search" tool on bloglines to be unhelpful... BUT I really liked the "Top 1000" list. I'd sort of forgotten about "Get Fuzzy", an old favorite comic strip that once was in the Tulsa paper but was replaced by some other, less funny strip. Anyway, so Fuzzy is back in my life, which is awesome.

That is, if I can remember to use the Bloglines account. Which is another issue entirely. Should I tie it to some other activity I do every day, like flossing my teeth? Is it really that important? Eh.


I dig the concept of RSS feeds and can totally see the usefulness of it, but I just can't seem to train myself to use the accounts (yes, that's plural) I've set up. I'm still stuck in the old way of surfing the 'Net... going directly to web sites I've enjoyed in the past and know I'll probably find interesting things on, and/or going from link to link on stories I'm reading.

Eh. I dunno. Maybe this third account will do the trick. ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Technology-related blog (#7)

I want to say a few words about my favorite technology in the world: paper.

Yes, it is a technology, and for many tasks, it is the BEST technology. Kindles and books on CD can be awesome, but printed words on paper -- i.e. books -- will always be the best way to read for depth and understanding.

Furthermore, there are so many physical notes and cards and letters that I treasure... emails? Not so much. But I love going through old stuff and finding a birthday card from my late grandmother -- seeing her handwriting, reading her messages can bring me to tears. So paper is the best technology for remembering dead relatives. For me, anyway.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a brilliant article in The New Yorker about ten years ago on this topic (the technology of paper), so I won't bore the biblio-blogosphere with any more thoughts.

Oh, and as for a more traditional technology, I also loves me my iPod. It makes running on the treadmill less excruciatingly boring. Nothing better than rediscovering Journey and some of my other favorite 80s bands while I sweat and curse my way to better fitness.

Getting back to the things -- Thing #6


I visited the south of Ireland -- including the lovely Dingle Bay -- nearly twelve (12!!) years ago. These photos take me back, especially the super-bright and lovely painted buildings in town, and the green, green, green everything. (Of course it's green! It's Ireland, baby.) I pasted the link to the entire album because a) this particular picasa-photo-uploader didn't have individual links to each photo, and b) I kinda like the whole thing.

...and now a word about why I haven't done the 23 Things thing since Feb. 12th. I got stuck on Picasa. I downloaded it when I didn't really mean to, and it grabbed all of the photos on my computer, and then I got frustrated when I couldn't get back into it, and then I decided I already had all of my Continuing Ed credits and why was I putting myself through this anyway, and I missed the deadline to win the iPod or whatever it was, and then I ate some ice cream.

My very kind co-worker, and one of the brainmasters of this particular venture, Tim Spindle, coaxed me back. Well, that and the fact that I DO really want to learn more, technologically speaking. Really I do!