Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting back to the things -- Thing #6

I visited the south of Ireland -- including the lovely Dingle Bay -- nearly twelve (12!!) years ago. These photos take me back, especially the super-bright and lovely painted buildings in town, and the green, green, green everything. (Of course it's green! It's Ireland, baby.) I pasted the link to the entire album because a) this particular picasa-photo-uploader didn't have individual links to each photo, and b) I kinda like the whole thing.

...and now a word about why I haven't done the 23 Things thing since Feb. 12th. I got stuck on Picasa. I downloaded it when I didn't really mean to, and it grabbed all of the photos on my computer, and then I got frustrated when I couldn't get back into it, and then I decided I already had all of my Continuing Ed credits and why was I putting myself through this anyway, and I missed the deadline to win the iPod or whatever it was, and then I ate some ice cream.

My very kind co-worker, and one of the brainmasters of this particular venture, Tim Spindle, coaxed me back. Well, that and the fact that I DO really want to learn more, technologically speaking. Really I do!

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  1. The secret is that if you finish, they give you ice cream, too. (don't tell them I told you)