Thursday, April 2, 2009

#15 -- Grumpy Young(ish) Woman... sort of / Librarian 1.5

I am totally aware that many I have appeared, in many of my blog posts, as someone who eschews the delights of technology -- even pooh-poohs it, grumpily rails against it, etc. Call it Grumpy Young(ish) Woman, 1.0.

But honestly, I'm excited by many of the ideas of both Web 2.0 and "Library 2.0" because of the possibilities they present to really help connect people to ideas and books and good stuff like that. Blogs and wikis and tagging and everything seem like a CONTINUATION of the coolest parts of library history: of libraries being innovative in connecting with people and giving them what they need to grow as human beings. I'm particularly wondering if we can include "tagging" to our catalog entries... that seems like an immediately useful idea waiting to happen.

I like what the icebergs guy says about changing or refining our tools to be super-easy for users to, you know, use. I like this: "We have to...find new ways to bring our services to patrons rather than insisting that they come to us -- whether physically or virtually." There is a lot of wisdom in that, and I'm on board for pushing libraries in that direction.

And then I get to the ponytail guy (seriously, dude; ponytails were icky WAY BACK IN 1997... but it's 2009 now!!! ... cut it OFF) and his thoughts about becoming a "Librarian 2.0", and that's all cool stuff, too, mostly, though I believe I'm more of a Librarian 1.5 kinda gal. (I don't "embrace" Web 2.0 tools but I use some of them okay...) He has many useful things to say about not using technology just to use technology and keeping up with trends outside of library world, which make sense and should be listened to.

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  1. Yeah, ponytail guy is a bit behind the times stylewise. He is a guybrarian, however, and seeing as he lacks obvious tattoos & piercings, I guess his style issues are to be expected.