Wednesday, April 1, 2009

#13... almost done with this batch

Racing toward the end of the 7 thru 14 things... really want to win that $50 Amazon card...

ANYWAY. Okay -- Technorati. Well, I explored it and found some interesting things, some okay things, and then just some things. What does it mean that the #1 search is for "taskbar"? So people are really interested in reading blogs that address the topic of "taskbar"? Weird. Other top searches were for "Jennifer Garner" (okay, I get that) and "Men". Huh.

So many blogs... So much writing out there, but who is reading? I taught English for a few years back in the dark ages, and it troubled me then, too (pre-Internets, pre-blog, pre-alla this stuff): there are so many people who think they can write but don't bother to read. Gee, what a concept: a librarian (okay, an almost-librarian) whining about the populace not reading. But seriously... it just seems like another way for people to get all navel-gazey and tunnel-visiony. Egoist. Blah blah.

The end of this latest rant. Sorry.

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  1. 1. I thought the "men" search was funny too. I kinda suspected women's expectations in partners were a tad lower, but gee whiz.

    2. I agree that it is dangerous for people to write more than they read ("the uninformed, narcissistic librarian declared.")

    "My only problem with narcissism is that it's named after someone else." ~ Stephen Colbert